I used to think the lack of information gave you an edge on the competition.

I would write songs on guitar and piano without actually knowing how to play other artists songs nor even the fundamentals of the instrument itself.

But really its not the lack of information that allows you disrupt the status quo, is the lack of assumptions on how things are ‘supposed’ to work. When you for-go all assumptions on how things should be you open up a fresh perspective on how things could be.

Art is imitation. We bring inspiration to our work from every experience we have.

Today, I understand that even with a lack of knowledge in songs, I was still imitating without knowing I­t­. I was inspired by everything I was listening to and experiencing in life. I️ was picking up ideas from friends, movies, school… but I️ never assumed that I️ couldn’t play guitar worth a fiddle. I️ just picked I­t­ up and started playing. I️ was horrible at it­ at first, (Guys! Want me to play smoke on the water and stairway again?!) but I️ kept going.

Having more information isn’t naturally better. It’s more granular than that. 
More by itself is just clutter for our minds. Focused attention, however, gives you the margins to express your creativity.

A fresh perspective is necessary for new ideas, but the best ideas are the combination of who we are in this moment in time. (as an individual or a team) We are the people, ideas, culture we surround ourselves with, and everything up to this moment leads you to your own personal brand of uniqueness.

Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner 

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