iPhone X and AirPods, First Impressions

It’s insane how simple it has become to transfer your data between two devices. That’s the first thing I noticed when I got my X. And with everything offloaded to the cloud, you’re data goes where ever you are. (Wherever you go, there’s you’re data)

After playing with the X for a few days I can easily tell you that I don’t miss the home button. Face ID quick and painless. (Much quicker than you expect) It’s scanning your entire face, but it’s looking for your eyes. If you’re not looking at the screen it won’t unlock. I wonder if the what the long-term health effects (if any) of getting blasted with minimal IR waves to unlock your phone 100+ times a day. It’s probably nothing to write home about.  I’ve had more problems with Touch ID than Face ID. (Wet hands from cooking for example)

The notch disappears immediately after you start using the phone. (I would still like to see the cameras put behind glass next iteration) I’ve read online that the notch could be seen as a design statement from Apple to differentiate the X from all the other slabs of screen out there.  It’s a valid idea, but notch or no notch, the iPhone is already distinct. 

I haven’t had a chance to try wireless charging yet.


  • The OLED screen is gorgeous.
  • The cameras are top of the line.


  • Unlike Touch ID, You can only input one face into Face ID.
  • Price
    • But if you’re crazy and what that new newness like me, it’s not too big of a leap in price from a 7, or 8 plus


I might be enjoying Apple’s AirPods even more than the iPhone X. Anytime I’ve seen someone wearing them out I’ve thought they looked kind of goofy, but now that I have a pair they don’t look that bad (I guess I’m part of the goofy club now) They come in a little charging case that looks like a mix between an egg and chiclet gum. It pops open like a lighter (who needs fidget spinners) and keeps each Pod locked in with magnets.


  • Easy to pair (and pair with different apple devices). 
    • These pods are so easy to connect and to switch between devices you’ll want to slap your momma (sorry mom)
  • Well Thought Out
    • Take one AirPod out of your ear and they will pause your music. You can also personalize each pod to different tap gestures in settings. (Play/pause, next song, Siri, etc)
  • Sounds good
    • They are about on par with the wired EarPods.


  • If I lose one of my AirPods I’m going to cry.

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