iPhone X

I decided to go for an X this year.

Unfortunately, everything I had read up to that decision said the phone was going to be in short supply.

Pre-orders would start at 12:01 am Pacific time. And since I am on the east coast pre-orders started at 3 am. (Gross)

I stayed up waaaay later than I normally do (grandpa needs his sleep), but I eventually fell asleep with my alarm set to 2:55 am

I got up in a complete daze at 2:59.
I grabbed my laptop and pulled up apple.com and att.com

AT&T did a cool thing and had a waiting list this year (unless you were one of the unfortunate souls who was stuck in AT&T limbo). 

I was locked in 17th person in line, estimated wait time until order: 18 minutes.

I jumped tabs to Apple, everything was smooth sailing, it even looked like I was going to get the phone on release date, but my brain wasn’t working. 

In my hazy state, for some reason, I saw the shipping address as my old address instead of my current address.  And they wouldn’t let me change it because it was set to my AT&T billing address! (Which I couldn’t change because I was still locked in the waiting list at AT&T)

I didn’t have the brain power to comprehend. I just sat there. I watched the delivery date slip from Nov 3rd to a couple weeks, to November 20th to Dec… 😱 My brain finally started booting. I realized, that shipping address is correct! ‘Wait… It’s set to the right address! Idiot!’ (Like I had some sort of time dyslexia)

Eventually, I just took a chance and waited on the AT&T line, got in after the 18(ish) minutes were up and ordered my X. Should be here on the 3rd.

Total time: 1hour at 3 am 😴

I’m a very tired camper, and this is a very first world problem.


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