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The Renaissance Life is not a solo endeavor.

Sure, if we wish to create change in our lives and the lives of others, we must be self-reliant and take continuous action with our own hands.

Being an Individualist doesn’t mean being alone.

We are more capable together than we are by our lonesome.

We become our best selves by connecting with others. We are better together.

Welcome to We the People: highlighting creatives who are a part of the Renaissance Tribe and represent our Ethos.

I ask you questions, you give us insights from your own life.

Enter Gregg:

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Age 25. Residential Counsellor at a group home for people with different physical and mental disabilities and behavioral disorders. Freelance artist which includes photography, writing, painting, tattoo design, etc.

Located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. A little town five minutes from the Atlantic. Come visit yo. I’ll take you to the water.


Q: What / who inspires you and why?

The wilderness/any place with mountains, lakes, and oceans. I just adore the fact that it was all made for you and I. It’s gold and inspires my heart to create out of seeing beautiful places and soaking it all in. There is clarity in the wilderness and thats where I feel most at home. 

One of my best friends, Eric Weaver. His heart is on rhythm with love and honor and beauty and creativity. He sees people well in moments when they feel unseen. He sees beauty in the simple moments. I treasure our friendship/brotherhood. At a time I felt like I didn’t belong he held me and said “you’re home.”

Jedidiah Jenkins. His work, his words, and his heart resonate so much with mine. 


Q: What are the best lessons your mom and dad taught you? (Or siblings)

To stretch my heart out and love the ones that some may forget or the ones that may not be easy to love. Going to every extent to love and serve and give to others even if it causes you to sacrifice everything. That love wins in every situation even if it’s not the easiest to do and goes against the grain. To be known as a deep lover of people. To be known for not being afraid of love or to be swallowed whole by it. To forgive always. It’s a process but I’m thankful for it and know I’m getting there.


Q: What’s a challenge you’ve faced recently and how did you handle it? 

Rejection in relationship.

There has been a cycle of being rejected in love. It’s hard to heal in similar processes after someone leaves you. I feel the hardest part has been not feeling enough or worth a yes or no. Learning to walk into the next free version of myself has been a challenge. Technology these days makes it hard to move on. You almost need to go off the grid for a while to find yourself again. That’s where I’m at and I know the sunshine is finding my oceans in the process.

Q: What’s your favorite travel experience?

I’ve been majorly blessed by many, but this one stands out. Backpacking / leading a team of students through East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania) for 5 months. Was probably the most challenging and best thing.


Q: If you could have a dinner party with anyone in the world (or in history) who would you invite?

Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Amy Winehouse, My best friend Morgan, Alexander the Great, My grandfather, Jedidiah Jenkins, Michele Obama, Timothy McVeigh. Pretty dinner? Yes.


Q: In one word, how would your best friend describe you?


(love you deep Morgan.)

Q: What are some decisions you’ve made that has made you who you are today?

I decided to throw away my boundaries once and open myself up for any challenge even if fear is in the equation. I’ve felt in doing that, fear leaves and the boundaries and walls come crashing down leaving room for free creativity and love to flow. Ba-bye fear, hello freedom.


Q: What songs do you sing when you are alone? And what new bands are you digging recently? 

I love singing powerful love ballads or gospel songs. 

I listen to Bon Iver religiously, and every time I turn him on my eyes close and my body hits the floor. Go now and listen to “715 CREEKS” by them live at Pioneer Works. You’ll probably cry in your pour over. (J: haha! )

Been listening to a kid called Lontalius. If you like feely music with lovely words you’ll love his stuff. Also Gallant, The Ember Days, United Pursuit, and Terror Jr. all on repeat lately.


Q: What advice would you give to someone pursuing creative work? 

To be authentic in every way. 

Find / fight for spaces and places that make you dream and get lost in.

Always do what makes your heart come alive, and let go of what needs to go in order to pursue the wild creative you. You never know what wonders may come out of you and what beauty you can create.

“Fear has no place.” repeat until you’re not afraid to create what you want and until you don’t care what people will think. It’s your work and your eye. Own it babe.

Learn to dance and not care.

Q: What’s your mission in life?

To love deeply and empower others to do the same. To create spaces where people come to know how loved they are and to pull the gold out of one another. To come alongside others that may be having a hard time, meet them where they’re at and show them that they are not alone in the process. That even though days are hard that there is beauty in our own processes and journeys whatever direction our lives may be going in and wherever we are at right now. Out of that, live overflowing and passionate lives. To keep my eyes and heart wide open.


 Q: If someone gave you 10 million dollars, what would you do with it?

Give it away to people that would create self sustaining opportunities to give more away and create a ripple. 

Visit and spend time with everyone I love.


Q: One thing you liked about last year, and one thing you want to improve this year?

Found / built a community of amazing, beautiful, passionate, and creative humans to live life with and celebrate one another on the daily. They’re pretty damn rad and it’s an honor/privilege to be surrounded by so many beautiful people.

(J: I want to build a community like this..)

 Maybe not give my heart away so easily. Listen more, rest more, breathe more. To live in freedom and not as a victim.


Q: What’s a question you wish I asked, and what’s your answer to it?

Q.  Do you like flowers?

I do. I adore flowers. I love giving them away most of the time. But maybe I’m stuck in this place of still bringing flowers home for the one my heart used to be fond of. Or maybe they are for healing my heart. Either way my house usually has vases of dead flowers and I’m slowly growing.

(J: I need to do this more. Give flowers to those I love. They not only brighten up the home, they brighten up the person you give them to, and solidify the relationship.)


Thank you Gregg for taking the time to answer my Q’s

I hope this impacts everyone as much it has me,

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 #StayBOLD #KeepPursuing ,

— Josh Waggoner, 7 AM EST, July. 10th 2017, Chattanooga TN

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