5 Lessons from 2016: Finding Gratitude in the Midst of Difficulty

I write because I need to hear it myself.

Looking back on 2016,

I am grateful for the challenges I faced, despite their difficulty.

(That’s hard for me to say, because I feel like I got punched in the face repeatedly this past year.)

I would never wish setbacks nor pain on anyone, but its usually those very things that give us the opportunity to grow into our best selves.

Through difficultly, we can gain strength, story, skillself-reliance and spice.

1. Strength

Failures and weaknesses can point you in the directions you need to improve.

Failure can make you feel worthless in the moment, but if you can look past the moment, and put it aside, you’ll be able to see how failure can lead to future success and that the possibilities are endless.

2. Story

What’s a better way to relate and create connections than telling your personal story?

When you put your heart on the line and share the problems your facing, people relate and admire that. They might be going through something similar.

Story connects. Your challenge helps me get through my own (and vice versa)

3. Skill

Adapting to the challenge, seeking renaissance in our lives for the better.

4. Self-Reliance

Difficultly can show you the importance of believing in yourself.

Bad things happen, but It’s The Question, “DO I believe in MySELF” that either locks you in a mind-prison or frees you to thrive.

By believing in ourselves we can overcome any difficultly.

Belief gives us the power to think ‘if I can overcome this, I can overcome anything’.

5. Spice

Difficultly seasons us to any future setbacks we may face. 

We gain experience or life points (lp) every time we face an obstacle. 

This is where wisdom and insights can take hold. By overcoming difficultly, we can become a little more wiser, to help us weather the next storm, or help others do the same.

Remember, Challenge moves you forward.

Appreciate the opportunities challenges give you, despite their ugly wrapping.

Besides, what’s life without a little challenge?

#KeepPursuing, — Josh Waggoner, 6:45 PM EST Dec 31, 2016 | Updated 3:14 PM EST Jan 19th, 2017

Q: What have you learned from your setbacks?

(leave your A’s in the comments below, if you feel called to share)

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