What do I do when I miss a deadline?

When You miss Your deadline 

Focus on priority.

We master time by mastering priority +


It’s not the end of humanity if you miss your deadline.

The first action we need to take is figure out why we missed it.

Was it because our deadline was too extreme?

Sometimes the project / goal ends up bigger and more difficult than we realized starting out.

Adjust the deadline accordingly. Use this knowledge for related future projects.

Or maybe we didn’t take it seriously enough?

A project / goal that’s not a priority of mind can easily fall to the wayside if we’re not careful

  • Stretched too thin
  • Not blocking off time for it
  • Maybe it’s not even important to us

Ask yourself, ‘Is this a priority to me?’

If so attack it with gusto! and even postpone other projects / goals until it’s complete.

If it’s not (and you can) consider dropping it for something that is a priority for you.

Just make sure you’re stopping because it doesn’t align to who you are, rather than because it’s getting difficult.

The second step is being accountable.

If we’re accountable to someone else for this project, let them know what happened and what you’re going to do about it. 

If the project is our own, even more of a reason to take responsibility for our actions / inactions.

The only way our projects /goals will become reality is if we work towards them. We have to make them happen.

Missing a deadline will happen all the time, and that’s okay.

As long as we know that we can reevaluate and try again, there’s not much that can stop us from making it happen.

The key to reinvigorating a project is knowing why it’s important to us in the first place,

and reminding ourselves every day.

A project or goal must be a priority of mind for it reach completion.

What are you finishing?

— Josh Waggoner

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