One Cure For Despair

Antidote: #0006: One Cure for Despair

There are many

antidotes for despair in our lives. We all handle situations differently.

If I’m not careful with where my mind goes, I can easily get discouraged by external factors pushing against me, and  ‘I can’s’ become ‘I can’t’s’, for whatever reasons that part of me makes up.

I know this is not true, because inaction and doing nothing get’s you nothing —

Giving in to nothing is when despair wins.

One Cure for despair is through action. Action towards something, anything.

Wallowing in worry and the depths of despair won’t relieve you of your situation. Nothing becomes of it. Small starts ignite big change and wheels in motion only stop when you put on the breaks. 

Lose yourself in doing, even if you’re not sure what you should do yet — you will. Start first.

It’s easier said than done,
but it’s worth it.

Doing gives you control over the darkness.

Stop living for despair, and live for action.
live for your future.

Small starts ignite big change +

— Josh Waggoner,  Renaissance Life: Antidotes, Cures for the common strife.

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Book: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living — Dale Carnegie

“I’m to busy. I have no time for worry.” — Winston Churchill


“The secret of being miserable is to have the pleasure to bother about whether you’re happy or not..” — George Bernard Shaw

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