I’m all about the work and hustle.

Meaning,  Don’t just say — do.

Change starts with us — If we want change, we have to create it.

Everything requires continuous effort in order to succeed. — A business, blog, job, skill, our mind, body..


Rest is equally as important as effort, and is so easy to neglect.

Effort without rest is a sure-fire way to burn ourselves out.

Giving without resting will deplete us, and dilute our giving potential.

Rest is where real growth and magic happens.


Moments of pause are what make songs interesting and extraordinary.

The CHALLENGE this week, and every week going forward is to rest, and breathe.

Find moments of rest where you can take them.

And I don’t mean TV, or Video Games, or Books. (Although those are quite enjoyable)

I mean truly rest ——

minimal input.

Be with yourself. 

Go on a walk, or hike.

Daydream. Create.

Be with people you love and make you feel good,

with no other objective other than nourishment and refueling yourself for

your grit, and giving.

Our even better, rest just for rest’s sake.

Just because. 

Challenge Accepted

#KeepPursuing #ChallengeAccepted

Josh Waggoner

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