Todd Henry: On Brilliant Work

Excerpt from Die Empty, Unless Your Best Work Every Day by Todd Henry:

Brilliant work is forged by those who consistently approach their days with urgency and diligence

Urgency means leveraging your finite resources (focus, assets, time, energy) in a meaningful and productive way. 

Diligence means sharpening your skills and conducting your work in a manner that you won’t regret later. 

When you adopt the mind-set of urgent diligence, you’ll pour all of who you are into your days, and subsequently you’ll find that the unique value you bring to the world comes more clearly into focus.

(note: bold and italics highlights by me — Josh Waggoner)


The goal of brilliant work is value,

because value creates lasting impact.

Things made cheaply don’t last very long, whereas things crafted with excellence and thought are sought after and desired.


When we go All In — when we pour who we are into all that we do — It shows.

Brilliant work shines bright in a quantity filled world.



Die Empty, Unless Your Best Work Every Day by Todd Henry



Josh Waggoner

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