CHALLENGE: Find Models of Excellence

What’s life without a little challenge?   – boring! That’s what.

Question:  How do we make ourselves better?

Challenge: Find Models of Excellence

Our challenge this week is to find models of excellence we can adapt to our life, so that we can align ourselves towards who we want to be, faster than we could alone.

In each area you want to grow and be brilliant at, find someone who is extraordinary in that area — or has the trait that you desire and emulate them. Multiple areas means multiple models.

It’s been said,

‘The way of excellence starts by copying the excellence around you.’

We start with emulationcopying — adopting traits and ways of thinking / doing from people who are excelling at them.

If someone is succeed at something you want to succeed at, then finding what makes them great and applying it to your own life will help make you great.


What does practicing your favorite City and Colour (insert your favorite band here) song,  but model your mind towards their particular brand of excellence?

What does reading do, but opening your mind in the way the writer thinks?

What does a child do, but emulate the world around them (such as their parents)?


“People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy” — Oliver Goldsmith

The goal isn’t to be a copycat, but to use someone else’s model of excellence as the foundations of your own.

Because we are all unique, copying will eventually turn into something original.

Originality is building on what has come before, and breathing life into it through your own way of seeing.

Ask yourself:

  • Which areas do I want to be excellent at, and who are the people already succeeding?
  • Who can I model whose great at ____________?
  • How can I model ______ ?

What traits do they have? What problems did they overcome? What does their day to day look like? Who did they model? 


Who are your models of excellence? Challenge Accepted

#KeepPursuing #ChallengeAccepted

Josh Waggoner



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