Tell Your Story

We are all storytellers, (Once upon a time)

because we are all experiencers.

What we’re experiencing RIGHT NOW is a story we get to tell.

We may be living on cloud 11, or —

We may be crawling through some mud,

facing obstacles that seem impossible —

but not only can we persevere, we can thrive


Our life is our story; we write it how we wish,

through the actions we take. 

There will always be factors out of our control, battles to face, and failure to learn from,

but this is just spice to our story — trials and triumphs.

Besides, what’s life without a little CHALLENGE?

And the greatest part is stories are meant to be shared.

Your story affects my story, and vice versa.

What story will you tell?


The Obstacle is the Way — Ryan Holiday

“Because storytelling, and visual storytelling was put in the hands of everybody, and we have all now become storytellers.” — Levar Burton

“Those who tell the stories rule society.” — Plato

“In the end, we’ll all become stories.” — Margaret Atwood

xoxo Josh Waggoner

‘Brevity is the soul of wit.’  Email me your thoughts on this post. Can you reduce the essential idea further?