The Best Kind of Competition — YOU

Don’t be mad cause I’m doing me
better than you doing you.

— Childish Gambino


Before I go into how to use The Wisdom of the Ages, there’s one important topic I’d like to discuss:


The best kind of competition is you.

When you are competing against others, your falling into the comparison trap of trying to be a better them, rather than being a better you.

A better physique or business or money or skills or friends or… life.

The best competitors are playing the game with others, but are competing against themself.

Don’t be a better them.

Be a better you.

Compete against yourself — not others. 


In whatever you do, ask,

 ‘how can I be better today than I was yesterday?’

‘How can I be better this month than last?’

This includes learning something new and/or developing a new skill as well.

Think not, ‘How can I be best in this industry?’ ‘How can I beat the competition?’ (even if that’s what you desire) instead think

Q: How can I be my best self?

Q: How can I beat my own time?

Q: How can I surpass the me I was yesterday?

That’s how you improve exponentially. That’s how you win.

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