CHALLENGE: Plan Your 2016

CHALLENGE: Plan your year!

Don’t just set Resolutions, set actionable goals to create the change in your life you desire.

Even if the goal seems insane or impossible, it doesn’t matter because

Actionable goals = Attainable goals.

Insane goals are the best kind anyway! (They help us focus and keep us persistent.)

How to Plan Out Your Year

  • Figure out what you want to do
  • Know why you want to do them. (To keep you motivated.)
  • Think about possible hows. (Don’t waste time looking for the ultimate how, instead focus on trying different things, and seeing what works best for you.)
  • Break the insane goal into actionable subgoals.
  • Pick a date you want to accomplish your goal by. (Nothing like a countdown to keep you moving!)

If you’d like some help planning, here’s My big honest post about how to prepare.

What are your goals for 2016?

Let us know what you want to accomplish on our facebook group, or in the comments below.