What’s life without a little CHALLENGE…

CHALLENGE: Smile oftenfirst and genuinely

1. Smile Often.

Simply put, we can help bring joy to other’s lives just with a mere smile. A smile can potential brighten up their day.

Why? Because you’re giving them your presence and full attention – at least for a moment.

2. Smile First.

We have to initiate the smile. Most people don’t even bother, because they are not used to people noticing and being present. (Sad but true.) Break their expectations – smile first.

And if they do smile first – smile back!

3. And make it Genuine.

If you’re going to smile or laugh – you have to do so sincerely. You and I both know when some is not being Authentic. We can instinctively read your body language – and if we actually know you, we know you’re faking it. (There’s a huge difference between a genuine laugh / smile compared to a courtesy one.)

The Benefits of Smiling

Smiling is a simple, yet impactful way to add value and a little happiness to your life and the lives around you. The act of smiling not only makes other people feel good, but it also improves your own well being.

Give it, Receive it; Smile often, first and genuinely.


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