CHALLENGE: Ah Ha! Moments

CHALLENGE: Make a habit of asking yourself one question before going to sleep.

Why: We generally have our biggest breakthroughs and ideas when we are not actively thinking on solutions to our problems.

Its when your brain is at rest, or when you lose yourself in something else (for me – listening / playing music) that allows our subconscious to make connections we normally wouldn’t. (Think about the last time you were in the shower or our for a walk, and suddenly a breakthrough to a problem just pops in your head – an ah ha moment.)

By asking yourself a question right before going to bed, you allow your brain to go to work on it while you sleep.

A Couple of Suggestions:

  • Ask the question using ‘you’ instead of ‘ I ‘. As in, ‘how can you solve this problem?’ rather than ‘how can I solve this problem?’. This helps you to not consciously start thinking of answers, rather, think of it as if you are throwing the question out there, which lets your subconscious ponder on it.
  • Stick to 1 – 2 questions per time, and continue to ask them until you find an answer.
  • Focus on how questions rather than why.
  • Don’t try to force your ah-ha. Just let the question wash over you, and check in with it in the morning. If something doesn’t pop in your head, don’t worry about it, keep asking until it does. 
  • Keep a notebook and pen near your bed, just in case you have any late night epiphanies! 

“Questions wake people up. They prompt new ideas. They show people new places, new ways of doing things.”

~ Michael Marquardt ~

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