Renaissance Life Podcast: RL001 Choose to Be Different

Session 1: Choose to be Different - Welcome to the Renaissance

Finally took the leap and jumped into podcasts! Woooo!

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#StartSomething — JoshWaggoner

Show Notes:

The Renaissance Life Podcast, dedicated to Excellence, Mastery and a life of meaning and worthwhile.
A podcast made for Learners, Dreamers and Do'ers.
If you desire Excellence.
If you want to rise to Mastery.
If you want to be the best version of yourself you can be.
but you don't have a community to push you forward -
or are feeling stuck and not sure what to do -
or need practical steps towards learning and achieving your dreams -
or find yourself unsure of your next step in life - 
Man or Woman, The Renaissance Life is your path.
Welcome to the Renaissance!

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