1. Renaissance Life Podcast

How can we become our best selves? The person we've always wanted to be. How do we have a meaningful and worthwhile life? And how do we create the most impact - not only in our own lives, but the lives of others? The Renaissance Life podcast is dedicated to asking questions like these and more. 

or on soundcloud if that floats your boat! 

Email me (words, audio or video) if you would like a question or topic to be discussed on the podcast. Tell me who you are and what you're pursuing if you want to be on the podcast. josh@renaissancemanlife.com


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2. Eloquent Podcast

Eloquent is a podcast focusing on how we can become excellent conversationalists.

Topics will include (but not limited to):

  • Storytelling
  • Communication
  • Speaking, Pitching, Teaching your ideas
  • All Things Emotional Intelligence

Conversation affects ALL aspects of our lives, so the question is, 
if you improve your ability to communicate (in all mediums) will you improve your life? Let's find out.

or on soundcloud if that floats your boat! 


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