Saying No to Everything Else

Saying no might be one of the hardest things to do, ever. 

Because in the moment a decision takes place, we talk ourselves into any opportunity, no matter how great or mediocre.

Which is why it’s vital to know who you are and what you want to do in life. It’s okay if you don’t, you just need to explore and take time to figure it out.

When you know who you are, you learn to not compromise on yourself. The goal is to make your no’s become no’s, and your yes’s become yes’s. No regrets. No hesitation. Just a person on a mission to create something meaningful and worthwhile.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Let it breathe 

Have you ever tried staying up all night?

10 PM: Hey! I’ve got a great idea. Let’s stay up all night! 😄

11 PM: Yeah! still awake 🤪

12 PM: Allllright. Second wind. Let’s do this 💪

1 AM: 😏

2 AM: 🥺

3 AM: ☹️

4 AM: 🥵

5 AM: 🥴

6 AM: 🥶

6:30 AM: Woo! We did it! Party! Who needs sleep anyway?!  🥳

6:31 AM: 😴💤💤💤

As humans, somethings are innate within us, like eating, moving, mating and sleeping. Systems like these are built into the core of how we function. We can hack our systems, ignore and abuse our systems, even optimize them, but we still live within them. We can go without sleep for a while, but eventually our entire system breaks down.

Creativity is like this too.

The magic of your art is has its own fundamental systems.

Creativity needs effort. It’s hard to write a novel if you aren’t writing every day, even just a smidge. It’s the whole ‘butts in seats’ rule. Creativity needs a consistent, butt-in-seat, words on a page type of effort. It doesn’t have to be good at first, that’s not the point anyway. The point is to create.

Creativity needs time. The more time you put in, the more results you will get out of it. Each time you put in the work, you are slowly inching and molding your creativity like clay, closer and closer to something unique and excellent.

Creativity needs space. Effort and time must be matched with space. Let go of the effort and NEED to create. Let it breathe. You’ve experienced this before. Remember the last time you had an amazing idea in the shower? Or when you were bored, waiting in traffic or on the train. Think of it like letting your attention soften, like a camera out of focus. Your brain is still active and alive, making connections, comparing and swirling surroundings with experience. And then out of the blue — pop! A good idea appears from the ether. 

Creativity needs input. Good input is to your creativity just as soup is to your soul. When something moves or inspires you, you can’t help but jump out of your present, and explode with related ideas.

Creativity sometimes need frustration and pain. We all have been kicked in the teeth one way or another. Usually it leads to some incredible ideas and insights, despite the source. Some of the greatest works of art, songs, dances, expressions have come from pain. We feel it because we connect to your pain and relate it to our own.

I think creativity is also a piece of the human spirit. Without creativity, I’m not sure we would last very long.

I know I wouldn’t.

Daddy needs his tunes and art.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Small Strokes Fell Big Oaks

Your situation isn’t fair.

You don’t deserve what you’re dealing with.

Now what are you going to do about it?

 The pain, the illness, the heartache, the betrayal, the misfortune... it’s ready happened, yet we loop it over and over in our minds and relive it in the present like it just happened. 

But when put  reality aside and focus on the next step in front of you, that negative feedback goes away. All that matters is what’s in front of you. If you’re next step doesn’t lead to the resolution you're looking for, no problem, try another one. 

You can make a big difference in your life by re-aligning to the positive side of negative outcomes, instead of the negative side of negative outcomes.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Saying Yes to Creativity

Every decision is an arrow in the quiver. 

A shot you can take. Effort. Aim. Fire.

Which also means that there’s only so many arrows, so many decisions you can make, and each shot you take is also a shot you don’t take.

That’s why the decisions you make are vital.

Especially if you want to live a meaningful life true to yourself and that makes a difference.

Vital Decisions leaves room for uncertainty, fear and indecision to join the party, but hesitation doesn’t suit you.

No one wants to die with arrows still in their quiver.

The biggest mistake to learn from is not taking the shot.

The hardest part is knowing what to aim for. But that must come from you, and sometimes you have to shoot first and miss before you know what you really want to aim for.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

 — Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Find the Gift

Pain is hard on its own, let along the fact that we want (and are expected ) to go about our lives like nothing’s changed.

In the movies, the hero takes a bullet and keeps going. An injury happens, and then cue the montage of the hero training, relearning, getting stronger, faster and better — all set to some motivating music. The hero is the hero because he or she doesn’t let the pain / setback stop them. I haven’t seen any movies where the main character decides to reject the pain and give up, no montage, just 2 hours of laying in bed. There’s plenty of unfortunate people out there who have refused to accept their reality, live life by going through the motions, and give up their heroic story. I’ve been there before, Perhaps you have too.

By refusing our pain, we prolong the pain.

Where’s my montage? Where’s my mentor that steps out of the shadows to help? Where’s the cut-to bass bumping music as I workout shirtless in the streets?

It’s not there. Well, it is, but I haven’t decided to choose it yet.

Our real life, 100% juice montage starts from within.

Improvement, resilience, thriving in change in adversity, starts with a choice to accept the reality and pain we are facing, see it for what it is, what it’s not and what it could be, finding the gift of it all somehow, and taking on the challenge.

I would never wish ill or bad luck on anyone, but oddly enough the misfortune that hits you when you least expect it (usually while you’re already on the ground) is exactly what you need to grow and become a better person, and in so doing inspire and help others through their own pain.

If you know me, you might know that I injured my neck about 4+ years ago. I’ve had some low days — especially in the beginning — where I could barely get myself to move. I refused my reality. And in so doing, the pain controlled me. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to exist like this.

Eventually I came to the conclusion:

No one is going to care more about my own health and wellbeing more than me. Others can care and help, but I care the most, because it’s me. Pain isn’t a solo battle. It’s a journey of constant help, grace and vulnerability. But I’m still the one that has to initiate the journey towards resolution.

If you see me today, you probably wouldn’t even notice I have a chronic injury that I’m healing from, unless I told you.

Random strangers don’t know. My dog doesn’t know. People I meet don’t know. They just see me as I am right now. They don’t see my inner journey, nor who I was in the past versus the person I am today.

I’ve spent years training my mind, and finding the gifts in my situations:

  • A desire to learn more about the human body.

  • A greater understanding of body-mechanics.

  • A deeper connection to those who are also in pain.

  • An iron willpower and relentless drive towards success.

I occasionally dip in and out of remembering to look for the gift in any situation. Sometimes I get really low, until I realize I’m focusing on the wrong things, and letting my brain’s thoughts chatter away, holding me back. Then I remember that life is a gift if we let it. Each day is a day towards greater healing and freedom. I know that I can heal and find meaning in any circumstance. And I also know that if my neck is never the same again (or better) that’s okay too — there’s a gift there too.

I also know that you can find healing and meaning in your own pain as well.

Accept where you are.

Find the gift inside your pain.

Focus only on the day in front of you.

See yourself as a new person, a clean slate, someone on their way towards a better version each day.

If you do, your montage will be better than the movies, and your story will be legend. (Kind of a cheese-ball way to end this post, but it’ll do.)

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Doing The Math

There’s 24 hours in a day. (at least where I’m from there are.)

8 of those I block off for sleep: 16 left. (Most of us go-getter types fudge this number down to only 5 or 6 hours. This works for a while but not as well as you think.)

Let’s say 3 hours for time for food and conversation. (coffee... breakfast… dinner… groceries… and the time it takes to go from A to B back to A: 13 left.

Perhaps 1 hour for some sort of exercise: 12 left.

If you are a nine to fiver’, that’s another 8 hours a day: 4 left.

If you are a freelancer I’ll give you 10 hours a day instead: 2 left.

2 hours. 4 at most.

What are you going to do with that precious time?

I’ve lived most of my life saying yes to things without thinking about the time costs associated with each yes.

If you’re like me, you have 1000 ideas and a 1000 dreams of who you want to be.

That’s great. Fantastic even. Most don’t have that spark anymore. They’ve given up their 1000 dreams to 4 hours of TV or scrolling on their phones. I don’t know, maybe that’s their dream, to watch great TV. You do you.

The wall I always face with my 1000+ dreams is what am I going to do? How do I choose? Do I have to choose??

Yes, I must choose. If I want to live a meaningful life I must be intentional every aspect of it, every yes, every no.

But do I have to throw away 999 dreams for 1? I don’t believe so.

What do I want to pursue most right now?

What would I regret NOT doing when I’m older?

Then I focus in on that with everything I got. After that, go to the next dream, then the next, rinse repeat.

It sounds easier than it is, but nothing is worse than saying yes to everything you don’t want, and no to everything you do.

4 hours left, what are you gonna do?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
I don’t have the solution.

I don’t have a solution to your problem(s).

Well, that’s not completely right.

I might have insights to similar problems from my own life, but I can’t just give you an answer to what you’re going through.

You have to find your own answers yourself.

The biggest thing I can impart to you is a spark, a feeling within you that shows that your capable of thriving in the challenge in front of you and give you a energetic figurative high five to help push you towards finding a resolution.

At my very best, I can be your Mr. Miyagi, teaching you the martial art you need to thrive. And hopefully at the very least, I can be an example to show you that you are not alone in your strive, and perhaps through my own experiences I can give you a little hope for your own.

This is the power of sharing your voice. 

Your story - the ups and downs you are going through this very moment - is a spark of inspiration, hope, and capability for those going through similar things you are.

Share your voice. 

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Naked as a Jaybird

If by some strange, unfortunate events, everything around that you’ve built up over your lifetime — your house, your car, your most prized possessions — suddenly disappeared, poofed, went up in flames, blew away, fell into a crack in the earth, was abducted by aliens, stepped on by Godzilla, destroyed by superman, or any other natural disaster that could happen us all, what would you do? How would you react?

*If everything you own was gone tomorrow, how would you move forward?*

I’ve known friends who have lost their belongings in a fire, and others who have experience the power and laissez faire attitude of Mother Nature. (The weather doesn’t give an F. about your new apartment.)

My grandparents house had a brush with a tornado. (…Which is like saying a peanut butter sandwich picked a fight with a dinosaur — no chance.) They were safe, fortunately, but it ripped through their property and cause water damage to their home (could have been much worse). My gran didn’t miss a beat. The first thing I remember her saying was “Now I can finally renovate my kitchen and living room!”

Clothing, shoes last a season or two.

Gadgets feel old immediately, and look like garage with the new version comes out the follow year.

Cars lose their new car smell (in many ways).

And everything else either goes out of style or breaks eventually.

But the one thing you can always take with you is yourself.

Unless you abuse you, with short term pleasures and long-term stresses.

Invest in your mind, body and spirit and even if you’re naked as a jaybird, you’ll always have you.

Skill, energy, character, ability, attitude, mindset, wellbeing, vision, happiness, knowledge and wisdom…

These are the things that stick with you.

And as long as you continue too nurture and strive towards improving yourself, nothing can take that from you.

Old age comes, but doesn’t hit you as bad as others. Because you are ALIVE. You’ve honed who you are and followed your wants, instead of your should’s.

Even in horrible outcomes — cancer, Alzheimer’s… — by investing in yourself, you’ve no doubt helped others become their best as well. Legacy fades eventually, but it impacts those around you, which in turn, they impact those around them, on and on.

And when something breaks, or something is lost or stolen, the pain of that loss isn’t as potent as it could have been. In fact, it feels okay.

I don’t remember where I heard this (so sorry to whoever said it for butchering the full idea), but when you’re not attached to things, you can be happy when something breaks or is lost. you can tell it ‘thank you for your time and your effort in helping me’, and move on, unattached, but respectful of your time together. (And think this works for friendships too.)

You still have what is most important, yourself.

Strong will.

Mentally calm and wise.

Trained and nourished body.

Healthy spirit.

Perhaps you are like me and in a moment of reflection on your life and what you’ve surrounded yourself with. Maybe you are surrounded by things, but have neglected health, skill or character. Perhaps work is your life, and you’re not sure how you feel about that.

Good. :)

Today is always a great day for beginning and for mastery.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Own It

Whatever your thing is, you gotta own it.

No one listens to (or respects for that matter) those sitting on the teeter-totter about their passion and shtick.

Think about those you follow that you admire. Their way of thinking and seeing the world is a breath of fresh air to you. They can talk the ends and outs of their craft. They have internalized their life’s mission, to the point where everything they do aligns with their life long goals.

Hesitation, Indecision, lazy habits… are not what mastery is made of.

If you want to be great, you gotta be good, and if you want to be good, you gotta start (and probably suck at it) at the beginning.

Owning your craft is how you make your dreams happen.

Working on your skills, practicing weekly, daily even.

Movement makes the master.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W

Josh Waggoner
Read This If You Can’t Seem To Do What You Say

“Talk is cheap. Actions speak.”Robin S. Sharma

Not only does talking to others about idea’s your ‘going to do’ knock the wind out of your sails, talking to yourself about what you are going to do can create the same results.

We all want to take a dream and make it reality (At least I think we do…).

But more often than not we only paint a picture of that dream with our words, eliciting the feelings of accomplishment, without actually doing it.

Just as projects creep on ad infinite without external or internal deadlines, and New Year’s resolutions soon become next year’s resolutions, having the desire and vision is lost without the action to back it up.

Ask yourself,

How often have I thought myself into NOT doing something?

Be that from fear, hesitation, lack of motivation or willpower in the moment…

For me it’s been happening more frequently than I would like to admit. I run the same old thoughts of things I’m going to do, should do, want to do, over and over again, looping them so much I overwhelm myself into doing nothing at all.

Sometimes, the only course of action is to move without thinking, to let your mind trail your thoughts.

Of course, this could leave you vulnerable to bad choices, but acting first, speaking second is only the beginner level. The goal is to synchronize your thoughts and movements, like ballroom dancing, to the point where you’re acting and thinking at the same time, and reacting with decisions that reflect who you are and the meaningful life you want to live.

Blah blah blah. Basically with that entire last few sentences I’m trying to explain that sometimes you need to run before you walk.

Sometimes you need to run before you walk

Not forever, in an unsustainable way, but as a solution — a relief even — to constantly thinking ourselves into a corner of never doing anything we want to do.

“Just smack it bru.”

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
One Strike

If you keep the One Strike in mind, you will assuredly gain the victory. If you do not study the martial arts well, they will be difficult to understand. If you do train yourself thoroughly in this, the Way will be there for the martial arts to develop in accordance with your mind, and for your mind to take the victory on its own…”

— Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

One Strike in mind.

An ingrained (from practice) sense of ability to act.

Miyamoto was writing on mastering the martial arts, but we could use a One Strike in many situations in life.


Fear preventing you from putting yourself out there and starting something?

Doubt creeping in on your career?

Indecision driving you mad?

Feeling stuck living the same old exhausting loops?

One Strike. Act first. Cut away the cloud of self-criticism and hesitation with pure focus of will and ability on the moment in front of you.


Solve problems with swift action. Seek advice. Ask for help. Act with intent.

If you are solving an equation with multiple unknown variables (x, y, z), moving the problem around gives you new information. It’s hard to solve a problem you are dealing with at the same level of thinking and knowledge from where you are (and how you got there). Finding new insights from taking action (however larger or small) brings a breath of fresh air to the situation. One Strike towards a possible solution.

If I were to guess, I would say Miyamoto was driving home the trait of boldness.

By acting boldly, we are relying on our innate instincts and inner truth.

Bold action doesn’t come easily, especially after a life of living in a culture that prizes comfort over happiness, but it can be practiced.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W

Josh Waggoner
Happy Place

It’s hard to deal with the pressures that come from living when you are chronically overworked, stressed and over stimulated. Everything feels harder than it should be, and if we are honest with ourselves, harder than it actually is. When you life feels chaotic AND we don’t have the resistance (physically, mentally, emotionally) to handle it, we’re like a pair of underwear spinning around in a tornado.

However, if you can find even just of sliver of solid ground to hold on to, even the darkest days can be days where you not only survive, but also thrive.

When you are centered, rooted in calm confidence, you can do almost anything.

Fear, setbacks, challenges rolls off you like an aerodynamic machine.

Problems arise, but they don’t overwhelm. How could they? You’re in your happy place.

A happy place is feeling a spark of fire, a feeling of ultra confidence and security. A stylish coat. The sound of waves at the beach. A pair of jeans that make your butt look (really) good. A morning workout. Anything that puts you at ease and allows you to be more of your true , unhomogenized self is a happy place.

We all have different types of happy places, and we all come to find our happy place in our own way. One thing I do know, you have to seek them out and nurture them.

The two methods to I’ve found that have worked for me are:

1). Do something I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t.

2). Do something different and out of the ordinary.

A happy place begins with a happy moment.

If you’ve been wanting to learn to paint, but can’t seem to actually do it, then it’s time to paint. Refuse to listen to yourself and what others say about why you shouldn’t paint. Go paint. Find a class and go. Cut away the fear of failing or not being any good. It’s okay if you’re not good. The point isn’t to be good right from the beginning, the point is to paint. If you don’t do it, you can’t get good anyway. And if you love it, make it into a regularly part of your week. A daily practice if possible.

A happy place sometimes comes from desperation

I’ve been feeling super out of it and low for the last few months. My life has been chaotic and I have felt like I’ve been unable to handle problems that have been arising. And out of my desperation, came the desire to get up early (like I used to) and unstuck myself by doing something different and out of the ordinary to reset my normal.

So I’ve started going to a 6AM Yoga class every morning.

Today was day 4, and even though waking up early feels impossibly hard, I still set my alarm, go to bed as early as I can, wake up early, drive to class.

To get out of a funk, you’ve got to get out of your head. Forget what the thoughts in your head are telling you. Focus on your actions. Move first, think later. Let the fear of the cost of inaction fuel you forward. Let the fear trail beyond your swift moves.

Find your happy place, and you’ll find the confidence (that you always had but were suppressing) you need to live a meaningful life.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Things That Own You

Can you be a minimalist and still own a lot of things?

I believe so.

It’s not about how much you own, but why you own it.

Anything that’s not lifting you and your family up, or anything that you do not love, or allow you to more of who you are and the person/ family you want to be should be sold, donated or set on fire. (Too dramatic?)

Let’s dive into objects of intent as an example.

An object of intent is a DO. When it’s at its most effective, it’s a HABIT. It’s a regularly used thing that helps you create the life you want to create. A guitar is an object of intent. A book, juicer, sewing machine... anything that requires action. (There are also objects of un-intent as well. A TV bought for movie nights with your significant boo, or friends turned into a daily drone of endless entertainment, blocking you from what you really want out of life, like your own company, or the ability to touch your toes. A topic for another day.)

When an object of intent in your life is not used, it’s a SHOULD. It’s a reminder of something you want to do or be, but haven’t gotten around to it because, well, because. It’s a dusty guitar or unread stack of books you pass by on the way to the kitchen, an annoying little reminder of what you wish you were doing and what you are not doing.

If you’re living in an abundant part of the world, then in some place in time of your life you will have probably bought an at-home treadmill. (Or are currently thinking about buying a treadmill.) Oh the treadmill. Also known as the clothing rack. Bought on a whim, or as a New Years Resolution. The reason for the purchase was sound, but the lack of motivation and use quickly becomes a taunt and feeling that you are inadequate.

Ugh, I’ll never be fit and have buns and thighs of steel...

The question is, how many objects like this do we have around us? In our home, in our place of work?

And what’s worse, each little reminder adds up. Every object we own that’s made to be used that isn’t weighs on you. All the things we should be but aren’t. All the things we want to be but don’t have the time for. And, ironically, after spending our hard earned money on them, we are still surrounded by al the things we want but don’t have — in our own damn home.

The solution is to get rid of all the things we would label ‘SHOULDS’ and only keep the things we love, and use, but that’s stupid hard to do.

Heck, I have trouble deleting apps from my phone that I’ve never used, even I could download them again instantly.

No, I’d rather hide them away in a folder, lost to memory, and to be kept ‘just in case’. which is a silly argument I’ll make to myself.

Getting rid of shoulds takes deep consideration, and swift removal of second guessing or hesitation.

So far, I’ve been considering each item one at a time, and giving myself an ultimatum: if I don’t use this at least once this week (with an enthusiastic, non half-assed try), it’s time to part with it.

If you don’t use it, lose it

I would rather have the freedom for things owning me, rather than the maybe’s and “someday” that crowd my mind of clarity and my ability to live the life I truly want.

Plus, in the world of two day shipping, is it really all that bad to *not* own something and instead wait for when you have the room and energy to use what you buy to its fullest?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
It’s not selfish if it’s for the right reasons

Take care of yourself first, so that you have the energy and desire to take care and help others.

It sounds obvious, but we usually do the exact opposite. We take care of everyone else first, or we let our ego run our lives into the ground.

Body, Mind, Spirit, Rest, Fuel, Fufillment, all take a back burner, as we slowly weigh ourselves down with the needs or whims of others.

Loving and taking care of others is wonderful, but not from the detriment of your own wellbeing. If you treat yourself right, you’ll be far more capable of helping others.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

Josh W.

Josh Waggoner

It’s amazing to me how quickly we can go from a negative state to a positive state (or from a positive to a negative). 

When you’re knee deep in the negative, everything feels against you. Everything is hard, overwhelming and you feel inadequate and small.

When you’re floating in the positive realm, everything just works. Opportunities and good news keeps happening. Challenging or unfortunate events happen, but you feel confident and capable of handing them.

I’ve been in a low place the last few days (weeks). I’ve been anything but chipper and capable. I’ve been getting up late — feeling like it’s impossible to get up early — I’ve been dragging my heels at work, unenthusiastic about what I’m doing, I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed about everything — money, work, health, goals and passions — and I’m sure I’ve been a bloody misery to be around.

And like the flip of a coin, my spirit was lifted today. Why? Because last night I decide to get up early (5AM) and go to an Ashtanga Yoga class. Call it an act of God, and or multiple people nudging me to do yoga on a regular bases (instead of just some sun salutations in the morning, my usual routine).

Just the simple act of getting up early, honestly, forcing myself out of bed,  moving my body and making time for myself first before the day begins for most people made all the difference.

Today was a great day, yesterday was a terrible day, and the only difference was me. I’m — or more accurately, my chatty brain inside my head feeding me thoughts — the factor that determines how my day goes. I had the same amount of happy moments, same amount of setbacks and money wrenches, same amount of ups and downs... the only difference between today and yesterday small movement in caring and loving myself.

Remember this when you’ve hit rock bottom, or feel so stuck you feel paralyzed:

A small act, A small change, A small nudge towards truth can make all the difference.

Negative can suddenly become positive.

Debt can suddenly become opportunity and wealth. 

Loneliness can become connection and compassion.  

Bitterness can become love. 

And low self-esteem can become capability and calm strength. 

And so much more. 

Will there be bad moments? Of course, but those can chance in an instant with the right amount of care and nurturing that I (know that) need to give myself and others.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W. 

Josh Waggoner
Reframing A Problem 

Imagine your problems as opponents.

There’s opportunity in competition.

There’s weak points in opposition.

Where is the problem the weakest?

If I wrote fortune cookies 🥠, this would be the perfect moment to say something like ‘A brick wall is easier to knock down with a sledgehammer’ or ‘if you can make it budge, go around’

The idea is to reframe and mold the problem into something that you can get a grip on and handle.

A unsolved problem is a tangled hairy web of overwhelm and a great hair remover.

A tangible, broken down and organized problem is a todo list. Do this, then this. Or, if this then that. 

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Cover Your Bases First

Little habits add up in a big way, but they don’t replace the essentials.

No matter how many hours you meditate, say affirmations or go for walks, if your health sucks, or you are surround by negative vampires or you hate your job, you are still going to feel miserable.

It’s like being in a car with no wheels. Technically you’re driving, but you’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

We have to work on our foundations, the big habits and decisions that create the scaffolding of our life.

Are you eating a wide variety of vibrant and nutritional food?

Are you intentionally exercising regularly?

Is your work fulfilling to you?

Are you in great community circles that are pushing you to be you and be better?

Are you letting your money work for you, instead of you being a slave to it?

Are you saying yes to the things that fill you with life and energy and no to everything else?

Are you living by your own life principles?

These questions are just the starting point. Each is the tip of an iceberg that has serious depth to explore if you are willing. ‘Willing’ because this is scary stuff. It’s not easy to stop hanging out with negative friends that aren’t lifting you up. It’s not easy to make the bold choice, over the passive choice.

But I know that we can do it if we try.

That’s how we create a meaningful and extraordinary life.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
The Head & The Heart

When your mind runs away from you — because of fear or anxiety or frustrations — focus your attention on your body instead of your head.

Move. Go for a run. Do some manual labor or chores. Focus on breaking a sweat.

If your mind is blocking you from action, let your actions be an alternate fuel source.

Because when you focus on your body, you suddenly forget all about what was worrying or consuming you, and you fall into living and feeling the moment. Feel the hammer against the nail as you build. Feel your breath and pulse as you exercise. Let your endorphins put you in a more positive state. Feel the freedom from thought — especially all-consuming, not very useful thought — that physical energy can bring.

And often times the worry or problem will pass. The frustration will fade away. You might not have an answer, but now you have the clarity to be open to one.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
The Unknown

Not knowing is the worst part of any unknown situation.

Not knowing when the next paycheck will come in…

Not knowing what’s wrong with your health (if anything is wrong at all or if its all in your head) and not knowing what you can do about it…

Not knowing if you’ve been accepted, rejected, heard…

Not knowing if you are making the right call…

Answers don’t make the problems easier, but they at least give you a mental breath of fresh air and something to act on. The biggest mistake is letting the unknown control or loom over you.

Here’s what I know:

Movement helps, a lot.

Whenever I’m in doubt, I start listing out things I need to do, and I immediately start going down the list. When you don’t know what you need to do, doing something, anything at all that feels like you are progressing towards what you need to do helps. Motion gives you momentum. The more you act, the more likely you’ll be ready to act on what you need as it comes. Just in time action. Anything beyond that, nothing is certain (to anyone, despite what they may say).

Everything will work out.

It might not work out how you expect, nor work out in your favor, but it will work out. Time tends to iron out all wrinkles eventually. Even a tragedy can be a lesson and a jumping off point for your life to go into a new and impactful direction. So remember, when everything sucks, look for the opportunity hidden in the suck.

Worrying about a problem won’t make it go away.

In fact, worrying makes it worse because you begin to dwell on it to the point of all you can think about what’s wrong or what might happen. Worrying about something also hurts you the most. Stressing yourself out isn’t going to give you any new information or insight into the unknown, it will only put you in a less optimal state to handle what comes your way.

When in doubt, pinky out.

Humor, having the ability to (tastefully) laugh under tremendous pressure will keep you sane. You can still be happy when you don’t know all the answers. Happiness doesn’t equate to knowing everything. Happiness is an internal state. If there’s one thing we can learn to control, even a little, it’s our internal mindset. Your life can be on fire and you can still be happy as a cucumber if you don’t let the fire into your mental house. Calmness, coolheadedness, resilience, these are things we can train and master.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner
Seeing Opportunity

I’ve always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. Something about the look, history and ruggedness of a Jeep made me a fan. Years ago, I had the opportunity to purchase a car, so naturally a Jeep was the first thing that popped into my head. And then - what felt like all of a sudden - I would see Jeeps EVERYWHERE! Anywhere I looked, there was a Jeep rolling by.

Actually, you can do this today too. Go out and see how many white cars you can spot today.

What we focus on dramatically increases our awareness of that foci.

This is called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

The question is, how do we take advantage of this?

Intentional Focus.

Opportunity presents itself to everyone. The problem is not everyone notices it when it does. Opportunity is noticeable when we allow ourselves to intentionally focus on it occurring. We are more likely to see an opportunity if our attention is looking for it and therefore we are able to ACT on it. We can use this type of attention many ways A new job. Relationships. A dream-come-true, insights.

Will this phenomenon help us win the lottery? I think not.

However, intentional focus creates openings for us to be more in tune to the opportunities around us.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

Josh Waggoner