AvantGuard Introduction — A Manifesto

Avant Guard Manifesto.
by Josh Waggoner
~ A letter to all creators.

A·vant Garde — “new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.”

I have a desire to create wonderful things.

To take an idea, and make it exist — in a beautiful, impactful way. 
To have a dream and make it a reality.
To desire my best, and actually BE my best.
And I’m sure you do too.

The question is, how do we make it happen?

And how do we thrive financially while doing it, so we have the health and capacity to make it happen? (or better yet, make what we are DOING financially viable on its own!)

I can’t answer these questions for us (..yet).
They are still blurry to me — Just out of my reach. 

I do know that the greatest opportunity for us to succeed is by helping each other.
(Remember, You are not an island— http://bit.ly/1X8HBRp)

That’s why I’m creating The Avant Guard.

A community of like minded people, building their own piece of the world. A place to share what we are doing, insights we’ve learned, critiques, and even trading skills to help each other’s empire.

The Only Requirements:

You’ve started something, and
You’re pursing a skill (or skills)

Whatever it is — blog, business, freelance, social media, brand, project, band, film, movement, product.. 
no matter the level of success ——

as long as you’re actively pursuing something, or have something in the works, You’re in.

Welcome to the Guard. (aka THE A TEAM)