True Victory

True Victory

True Victory lies within yourself, not by external means, or by what others perceive. [share]

Don't forfeit in your mind before you've even started. Win in the mind first. Feel it in your being. Then go make it happen. [Agreed]

Have Humility when you succeed. You've earned the bragging rights; Just don't use them. Humble yourself, and your victory will taste even sweeter. [Sharing is Caring]

You may be BA, but you didn't start there. Show Gratitude to the ones who have helped you along the way. Because you didn't do it alone. And it's when you think that you did, when you've lost sight of what's most important. [You're BA in my book if you share] Stand strong when you fail. Learn from your missteps. You may have lost, but you're not defeated. [My thoughts exactly!]

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