A reminder to myself, and to anyone who is going through their own storm...

You can't control the storm, nor out run it - but you can endure. [tweet]

Allow perseverance to be your foundation.

A steadfastness in adversity and chaos.

A spark of determination and defiance

Be the calm before the storm, within the storm, and after the storm. [second that!]

Because storms come and go - and will continue to do so, even long after you are gone. Shouting at the heavens, demanding the weather to do this or that will only make you frustrated and wet. (Trying to control what you can't will not get you where you want to go.)

Be calm, and collected.

Live with intention and perseverance. 

The storm will pass eventually; It can't last forever. So endure with your back straight and your head held high. (rather than being numb, defeated, and complaining and moaning.)

Then do it again when the next storm comes.

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