Figuring 'It' Out

No one really has it all figured out.

The ones that (seem like they) do, are just doing the best that they can with the information they have in front of them. They may be able to see and process situations differently, and that's because they have their own unique experiences and circumstances.

Experience is what separates you from them.

The way to build your own unique experiences is by doing. Working towards excelling at things you already know, and taking steps to do new and exciting things you don't. (Preferably things outside your comfort zone.) Remember, Experience is earned.

Figuring 'It' out is a matter of -

  • Knowing where you are (and learning from where you've been),
  • Seeing where you would like to be,
  • And doing all that you can to get there. (Changing tactics along the way, if necessary.)