#MorningThoughts: When Will I Win?

I want to WIN.

WIN what?

WIN at... everything, at life.

To have an amazing career, and deep relationships, and vast skillsets. To not have to stress and worry about money.

To be ok with where I am now -

  • because I know I'm doing what I can to rise to the level I desire to be.
  • because I am not alone in my endeavors; and have love / friends that CARE and push me forward (and vice versa)

WHY do you want to WIN? Not for WINNING itself, I hope.

  • To reach the hearts and minds of millions, one person at time. People pursuing, like me. People living, and struggling, and winning, and failing and dreaming...
  • To be the best I can be - was born to be. The epitome of excellence, and greatness.
  • To be an example for others - a spark onto their flames.

WHAT are you actively doing to WIN? HOW are you gonna get there?

  • Chipping away at my goals, with one Action Step at a time.
  • Seeing areas I need to improve in, and starting to do so.
  • Not letting failure and resistance stop me.
  • Not being afraid to be vulnerable or authentic.
  • Actively trying to be a better partner, friend, brother, son.
  • Searching for what's important - my focus - and seeing distractions for what they are...


You've already WON.


My Takeaway

If you're doing all that you can, and focusing on what's important, you've already won. [tweet]