Go for Gold.

Recently, I performed a mental exercise known as The Empty Chair (which I discovered in the book, The Crossroads of Should and Must).

Essentially, The Empty Chair technique is about sitting down and sparking conversation with yourself.

Any right minded individual, happening to look into my window at the time, would have seen a crazy person (aka me), moving from one chair to another, casually talking to myself in the voices of my Should and Must. (And would have immediately called the local insane asylum hotline.) Should being all the thing I 'should' do - whether those should's come from bad mindsets from me, or things others have told me over the years and Must being the thing I was called to do.

It's a ridiculous exercise, (Is recognized silliness a sign of sanity?) but very enlightening in the long run. (And highly recommended!)

I wasn't consciously aware of it, but I was

terrified of failure.

And holding onto that fear is exactly what keeps you and me from success.

When you subconsciously fear failure, you're saying failure is a 'done deal',  bracing preemptively for it to happen. You're telling yourself "I don't really think I can do this, so I'm just going to sit on my hands and hopefully it will succeed."

Fearing failure leads us to fail before we've even started. [tweet]

The crazy thing was I wasn't aware of my fear. It was subtly dictating what I 'should' or 'should not'

Fear of failure leads to indecision, and a good enough attitude towards your goals. The really stupid bit is the failure itself ends up not being so bad. The fear of failure is worse than the failure itself.

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

So what are our options?

How to Fight the Fear of Failure

1. Awareness · Are you (or a part of you) afraid and haven't realized even it?

Fear hides in many places (usually in plain sight).

Look for indecision, nervousness, reluctance, procrastination...

Fear can taste and look like sweets - but all that sugar will eventually get ya in the the long run.

2. Action · Our greatest asset to fighting fear is action.

Taking a step forward, to what we are scared to do.

I'm not saying it's easy, it's not - in fact, it's all-out war - but sitting down and doing your work will silence the fear real quick-like.

3. Attitude · Brace for success, not failure.

Sure you may fail, but you're more likely to succeed when you're focused on doing all that you can to make it happen, with a good mindset, rather than protecting yourself from a failure that may or may not happen.

Bracing for failure, leads to failure. Bracing for success increases its likelihood. [tweet]

Do you think Olympic gold medalists went for silver, or bronze? Do you believe they had any doubt in their hearts that they wouldn't win (if not now, then eventually?) No. They went for gold.

Go for gold.