3 Steps on Taking Advice.

Step 1. Authority - Ask yourself, Is this person giving me advice farther along the road than I am?

Have they lived it? - Been there, done that?

An authority / powerhouse on the topic?

If so then listen. learn.

You will go much further with their help and guidance, rather than just you and you alone.

It's just fact - we go farther with a helping hand. - You may want to do it all yourself - I know I guilty of this - but doing it all alone doesn't mean you're being all that you can be. The more help you ask for, the exponential you're rise will be.

Step 2. Heartful - Ask yourself, Is what they're saying painful to hear?

If Step 1 applies, take what they're saying to heart.

You're already aware it's something you need to hear and that there is truth behind what they are saying - otherwise, it would be so painful.

Take Five and reflect on their advice.

It's often the bitter, honest, stupid truth we need to hear, to push us forward.

If Step 1 doesn't apply, take everything they are saying with a grain of salt - not as law.

Often times we take criticism as law. Someone is telling me this, therefore it's true. But this is a false way of thinking. We must look at someone's life and action before relying on their words. "Words are Wind."

A sign of action is a sign of rock solid truth.

Maybe they ARE right, but they don't practice what they preach. It's up to you to determine if their advice is applicable.

Step 3. Helpful - Ask yourself, "Is this advice constructive or a put down?"

Are they saying this because they truly want to help me? or are they saying this out of fear, frustration, jealousy andor deceit?

Don't tolerate putdowns. Clearly, they still have their own problems to work out.

Constructive criticism, however, may sting in the moment, but is actually going to push you forward and grow.

Step 2 and 3 doesn't work without step 1.

And if you have step 1, but they violate step 2 or 3, it invalidates their authority and trust.

But when you have all 3 steps - Authority, Heartfulness, and Helpfulness - then you will be on a fast track towards achievement. (They're probably a keeper too. You should ask if they need a padawan / if they'll be your mentor!)