The Importance of Downtime

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"Live must be lived as play." - Plato

You may be like me, and tend to walk around with the world on your back.

You have ambition to achieve -

to create things, to build companies,

have lasting impact, to make something of yourself, to be better.

You could describe yourself as a workaholic (or do-aholic) - 

You've changed your last name to Hustle, (hello my name is Hustle, Josh Hustle)

and you continuously play Drake's 'Forever' and Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' on repeat.

All admirable and inspiring things* - Just don't forget about downtime!  (*ish)

What you do may be important and serious work, but it doesn't mean you have to be serious all the time. (In fact if you're too serious people won't take you seriously!) And always being on, doesn't mean always being on top of your game. (In fact just the opposite. We aren't made to run like computers, nor should we try to be.)

We need downtime.

Downtime and play give us the renewal we've been seeking.

If you feel a tired or lack motivation,

If you're burnt out,

If you feel as though you're always on edge, and don't know what to do with yourself when you're alone and not working,

Go get some downtime. Find your play.

Do something fun and you enjoy. Or trying something new.

Tips for Downtime

  • Break up your day into  a series intervals (X minutes doing, Y minutes playing).
  • Talk walk breaks, spend time with friends or family.
  • Read and journal.
  • Plan a getaway trip. Something to change up the pace.
  • Make time for play -otherwise it might not happen - and the more childish the better!

Action Steps

  1. Find out what and who gives you energy, and add more that / them into your life.
  2. Find out what saps your energy, and either remove it - or if that's not possible - add periods of rest after doing them.
  3. Choose One thing you can go do this week, just for the fun of it.

Time to Play.