Feeling nervous? Anxious?

Do you have butterflies in the pit of your stomach?

GOOD. → You're on to something.

If you are scared of doing something - and it won't kill you - then take your nervousness as a sign that you need to do it.

Action Step [AS]: Nervous about something? → DO IT. You will be better because of it. 

Think of nerves as the connection between fear and growth. Constantly getting out of your comfort zone will allow you to mature, and grow into your best self. (which aligns with a RenaissanceLife.)

- Don't Let Fear Control Your Life -

- Don't Let Fear Stop You From Growing -

Do something that makes you nervous as much as possible. (Every day if you can.) [💪]

And it's not about removing the fear. The fear will always be there in some degree. Even the most experienced speakers and athletes will get nervous before getting up in front of thousands of people. Even the most successful people will get nervous before trying something new. It's about being able to acknowledge and handle the fear - and then conquering it, rather than it conquering you. [💣]

Take action to conquer your fears each time they show up to stop you.

I get a little nervous each time I step into a new social environment. Recently, I've been taking ballroom lessons at a local Dance Studio (Dance Tonight). Every time they host a dance party, I get just a little nervous right before it begins. Why? Because dancing is relatively new to me, (besides the classics of course, e.g. electric slide, cupid shuffle - ha doesn't count!) I think it's the combination of remembering the dance patterns I've learned (Instinctively, without thinking about them on the spot), combined with meeting new people / having great conversations with them. Of course I want to have fun, but I also want the ladies I dance with to have a great time as well. So I have to learn to lead - to lead well, and effortlessly. I'm out of my element, and that makes me nervous, but I'm not going to let my nerves control me. I'm going to DO IT anyway, because that's the type of person I want to be, and I'm going to have a blast doing to boot.

The interesting thing is each time I do something that makes me nervous, I get a little more comfortable at being uncomfortable - and that ladies and gents, is the KEY to conquering your nervousness and fear --

We need to develop the ability to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. [🙌]

Because ultimately, it's beneficial, it's BOLD, and

It's quite fun to laugh in the face of fear and uncomfortability. [😄]

"Do one thing every day that scares you."
"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
- Eleanor Roosevelt -