How Now Brown Cow?

There are moments in your life,

where you find yourself stuck.

The path is blocked or an unforeseen obstacle occurs --

the gap between where you are,  ________________________and where you want to go seems to broaden --

Fear sets in and you are struck with indecision and doubt.

What do we do? (How now?)

My opinion,

Just Do Something.

In most cases, Something is better than nothing. (eighty percent is infinitely better than zero percent.)

Even if it's small. Even if it doesn't work - At least you'll have tried.

Ask. Leap. Tact. Commit. Do the work. Take the first step. Ship.

Do something, and then keep doing something - whether that's building upon what you did, or trying a new tactic.

Remember, small actions can build into big changes. And you can't control what happens to you, but you can control how your response.

How Now Brown Cow? By Any Means Necessary.

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