The Most Important Thing: Lessons from Groundhog Day (Part 3)

The Most Important Thing is part two of a three part series on lessons / takeaways from the movie Groundhog Day. You don’t have to read them chronologically, but if you want to, check out part one, “Rollover Minutes” here and part two, "Reset Your Reality".)

 Phil tried everything he could think of to find a way out of his situation. Yet time and again, he wound up right back where he started. It was only when he let go of trying to control his own circumstances - ultimately things he could not control - and instead, turned his attention towards helping others, by improving their lives rather than his own, did he finally find a resolution.

MURRAY Smash. 

MURRAY Smash. 

Sometimes, we can get stuck on things -

  •     A problem we need to solve for work, but can’t quite find an answer.
  •     A habit we want to cultivate (or remove), but can’t seem to stick with it.
  •     An injury that just won’t go away.
  •     Our business not gaining the traction we want.
  •     Even our lives not going in the direction we wanted them to go.

Exhibit A - this post. I had it all nice and finished (I mean tied in a bow!), but my draft didn't save properly (nooooooooooooo!), so it took me a long time before I could muster up the energy to write it again.

We try to force these these things to work. We keep pushing harder - trying to force that stupid square peg in that stupid round hole -

But it's when we let go

stop trying to control what we can't,

and instead focus on what we can control (such as our attitude, and perception of a situation), do we find our own resolution and see the hidden opportunities that were in front of us all along.(Oh wait a second, you mean the stupid square peg actually fits in the stupid square-shaped hole instead!?). Trying to control what you can’t will burn you out.

I'm not the first (nor the last) to say it, but in my mind, the most important thing we can do (in life, relationships, business, ...EVERYTHING) is to


Care for yourself.

If you don't have your best interests in heart who will?

We have to start believing in ourselves - who we are in this moment (flaws and all) - and doing what we can to make the vision of who we want to be a reality.

Do what you have to do to create happiness in your life. Once your internal world radiates happiness, confidence, and contentment, you will be able to shine that light as an example for others.

Care for others.

Caring for yourself and caring for others goes hand in hand.

Once you learn to let go, once you care for yourself, you can focus on bringing joy and happiness to others lives and that dedication to others will bring the same to your life.

Caring for others will empower you with more confidence and care. With more confidence, you'll be open to helping even more people.

You get what you give, and you have to give to get.

Phil, at the end of his rope (and then some) decide to spend his time pursuing things he always wanted to do/learn and to help others as much as possible, for their benefit, rather than his gain. That's what care looks like - continuous effort towards ourselves and others.