No Regrets Lifestyle.


by Josh Waggoner

“Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, it might have been.” - Kurt Vonnegut, Cats Cradle -

I wish… If only… I hope someday…
I could have… I should have… It might have been…
Why didn’t I do that? Why did I do that!?

No matter how you say or think it, Ultimately, this type of outlook on life equates to one thing:
        Having Regret.
Lets face it, there are many things we wish we could take back or change. It’s that whole idea of, “…If I could only go back in time with what I know now! My life would be different, I would have done things differently…” (I mean, where the heck is that big red undo button for my life anyway?)

We need to stop thinking this way.

Looping memories in our head like they are recordings, and being stuck in that kind of headspace of regret will NOT get us where we want to go. We can’t change our past, so playing it on repeat won’t do us any good.

However, We CAN change our today.

So instead of focusing on ‘what ifs’ lets instead choose to focus on ‘what now’. Focusing on what we can change.

I don’t want to live with the regret of not doing what I wanted because I was too frozen by the fear and doubt of doing it. I would rather take a chance, and fail in a blaze of glory (crash and burn), rather than regret NOT taking action in the first place. Failure is inevitable (and that’s not necessary a bad thing either. Failure is how we grow). 

Its what we do after we fail that defines us.

Make no mistake, regret is a choice
and I choose to live a ‘No Regrets’ Lifestyle.
A No Regrets Lifestyle isn’t a recommendation to say ‘yes’ to EVERYTHING. (that’s a good way to become overbooked and overwhelmed). Instead, its a choice that you make with yourself to go with what feels right (you gotta feeel it!), even if that scares the pants off you, and living with that choice, even if it turns out it was a mistake.

So here are some ideas on how to live a No Regrets Lifestyle:

1. Live outside your comfort zone. Do what you are afraid to do.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” - Neale Donald Walsch -
“Always do what you are afraid to do.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Whenever you get nervous, or feel that punch in the gut from fear, You need to do whatever it is that's making you nervous or frightened. (*As long as it’s not detrimental to your health, or others, of course).

2. Take action, Immediately.

“The most drastic and usually the most effective remedy for fear is direct action.” - William Burnham - 

Allow the Fear to guide you.

Scared of starting something new?
    Start Immediately.
Afraid of speaking out, or talking to someone?
    Speak. Stand up for your beliefs, and don’t be afraid what others think.
    Talk to them. Who knows? Maybe they wanted to talk to you too.
Frozen by the fear of embarrassment or of being judged?
    Be embarrassed.
    Let them Judge.
Not doing something because you think you’ll fail?
    Give it your all. one hundred percent.
    And if you fail, thats ok, because remember: now, you are living with no regrets.
    “No regrets in Life. Just lessons learned.”

3. Ask yourself if the fear is the only thing thats holding you back.

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt -

If fear really is the only thing that's standing in your way, then by letting go of that fear, nothing can hold you back anymore.

4. Breathe. Calm your nerves.

“The secret to life is to keep breathing.” - Greg Malszecki -
“You can’t calm the storm. So stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” - Timber Hawkeye -

Take a moment to focus on your breath. Calm your nerves. Call a friend, Listen to some of your favorite songs to pump yourself up, or do something familiar to get into the right headspace.

5. Reflect on the past rather than dwell on it.

“Everything that is past is either a learning experience to grow on, a beautiful memory to reflect on, or a motivating factor to act upon.” - Denis Waitley -

Reflect on what you can do now, or next time, rather than looping on what you should've done, and could've done differently.

When you Pause, Reflect, Learn, and Adapt.

Suddenly you find yourself a whole lot stronger than you once were before. 

Reminder #10: Live your life with no regret. adopt a “No Regrets” kinda Lifestyle. Who knows where it will take you, but I sure wherever the outcome, it will be amazing.