Daily Reminders


Blogcast #008: Daily Reminders

Daily Reminders

by Josh Waggoner.

    Sometimes, we can lose track of why we are doing something. We get caught up in the big ideas, and goals, or maybe even the busyness of our day-to-day and forget why we are doing them in the first place. It’s like we are struck by the beautiful mountain range in the distance, or annoyed by the gnats swarming around us and we completely ignore what's in front of us. Big ideas and Bold dreams are great and all, but if we look too far ahead and ignore what's around us, we could end up lost in the woods. And if we let the gnats distract and frustrate us we might end up walking into a ditch. 

I know this all too well. I have many Mountains that I want to climb and can lose sight of whats important if Im not careful. One idea that helps me, is establishing Daily Reminders for my life

    A Daily Reminder is an affirmation of why we do the things we do.
    A pause in our day.
Something to remind us of our surroundings and show us why we want to do the things we do. Otherwise, why do them?
Think of a Daily Reminder as a little nudge in the right direction. A sense of clarity on what we want, and where we want to go. I'm not talking about obligations, (you gotta do, whatcha gotta do) I’m talking about setting reminders for things we decide to do, to improve our lives, and the lives of those around us. A Daily Reminder could be anything you want. For example, it could be a Mantra that you say to yourself, like:

“I have everything I need, to succeed.” (props to T. Ferriss for this one)
or how about 
“Today, at the very least, I choose to be different.” (The Today Mantra)

A Reminder to eat slowly or remembering to listen and engage when people talk to you. We can have multiple Daily Reminders, or even just one. All that matters is that we have something, and that we remind ourselves everyday.
No days off.

    Our day is filled with small actions that can build up in a very big way, snowballing into who we are and who we will be tomorrow. Momentum builds, and over time we can become a power-house of commitment and determination if we choose to do so. So lets remind ourselves to focus on building ourselves in a positive way and incorporate traits and habits that will make our future-selves better because of it.

    We can choose our roles in this life. Our life is made up of how we choose to live, and our daily actions shape us and represent who we are. 
Our companions, and intimate relationships.
Our careers and our hobbies.
And ultimately, our life.
We can choose to be strong or not.
                                        Brave or not.
                                        Healthy or not.
We can choose to learn and grow or not.
What matters is that we have the final call on how we want to live.

So how do you want to live?

    RenaissanceManLife.com is one of my daily reminders (all of ours actually!) A community to motivate and inspire. A Reminder to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Because, why be anything less? As the RML tagline says,

“The Pursuit of Excellence, Mastery, and a Life filled with Renaissance.”

    And on the bad days, when we feel frustrated, sad, depressed, fall off the bandwagon, neglect what we shouldn’t, feel regret and just have a downright terrible day, we need to pause, breathe…and remind ourselves of the why. And as long as we are trying, even if its in a small way, we are making progress. We are persevering. We are making an impact.

    Keep the Mountains on the periphery, knowing where you want to go, while becoming present to your surroundings. Find the path that will get you to the top of that mountain. And when your on top, look for another mountain to climb, and then another. Figure out a way to get to those as well. Step by step. Remembering the why. Never stopping unless you choose to do so.

Reminder #008 : Cultivate the habit of giving yourself a Daily Reminder. A Reminder of why. A little nudge in the right direction. A sense of clarity on what you want and where you want to go. You’re path may be long, and its probably not going to be a straight shot, but remembering the why will motivate you and help you reach your destination faster.

I want to hear your Daily Reminders! let me know in the comments below or email at: josh@renaissanceamanlife.com
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